Swim Breaststroke Fast

Breaststroke has little relationship to freestyle, backstroke or butterfly.  In breaststroke, the limbs work simultaneously and symmetrically, not alternately like the other three competitive strokes.  Unlike the other strokes, there is also no above water recovery of the arms.

To swim breaststroke efficiently and fast swimmers must firstly use correct technique.

Correct breaststroke technique includes:

  • starting each stroke in the correct body position,
  • ensuring the swimmer uses the correct arm stroke pattern,
  • ensuring the swimmer uses the correct leg kick pattern,
  • developing correct timing of the arms and legs in relation to each other
  • developing correct timing of the breathing in relation to the arm pull and leg kick

For more information and breaststroke tips the article Breaststroke Technique written by Gary Barclay is well worth reading.

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